Retirement Strategy FAQ's | Adirondack Retirement Questions & Answers


I am an Investment Adviser and fiduciary. I am obligated to serve the best interest of you first and foremost, and your best interest is placed in front of my own.

Registered Investment Adviser. It is the firm or entity that is needed for Investment Adviser Representatives to work with clients.

As an investment advisory client, fees are based on a percentage of the market value of assets being managed by the firm. The annual fee of 1% of the portfolio value is billed on quarterly basis (¼ of 1% in April, July, October, January). 

While most firms charge Asset Under Management (AUM) fees in advance of management, our fees are assessed after they have been managed for the quarter. And, other firms typically charge based on the AUM balance at the end of the quarter, but we assess our fees based on Average Daily Balances for the entire quarter. We feel our clients are better served by these changes.

We are a fee only firm, which means the only compensation we receive is from our clients. We receive no additional compensation in the form of commissions, rebates, finder’s fees, bonuses, etc.

As a CRC® client, services start at $500 and are dependent on the services needed. 50% of payment is due after the initial meeting, and 50% at the review and planning meeting after completion. To remain accurate, focused, and on target, it is recommended that a review is conducted every two years, or sooner if major changes occur. Review of previous plan and subsequent changes are generally billed at 50% of the first-year (non-discounted) fee schedule. CRC® clients are encouraged to contact us if significant financial decisions are being considered between the review periods (at no additional fee).